Why are you proposing to move the fire station?

    In 2022, the Fire Master Plan identified that the current Fire Station 2 (located at 4366 County Road 22), built in 1978, is at the end of its life cycle. A new facility that includes all required functionality for providing fire suppression is required. Since the current station is located on a flood plain it cannot be expanded to accommodate this new facility.

    Will moving the station mean it will take the fire department longer to arrive in an emergency?

    No, the proposed location is closer to 90% of the fire fighters who respond out of Station 2 which will decrease response times to emergency calls. 

    The proposed Station 2 project will also house our full-time fire service management staff who will also be able to respond to calls from this location

    Do residents of the different Wards contribute different amounts for Fire and Emergency Services?

    No, Fire and Emergency Services are considered a common service and each Ward contributes equally

    Where do the volunteer firefighters live who respond out of Station 2?

    90% of the fire fighters who responded to Station 2 reside closer to the proposed location at 55 Fox Road, in comparison to the current location

    Is this project supported by the Port Hope Firefighters and Police Service?

    Yes, the project has been undertaken in consultation with Fire Service Management, Officers and Firefighters who all support the project and the proposed location of the Station 2 replacement project

    Where are most calls for service that Station 2 respond to? What is the main type of call?

    Most calls for service for Station 2 are located south of County Road 2, many of these calls (approximately 25%) are related to Motor Vehicle Collisions